Ediphy Analytics

Value-added analytics for high touch trading

Leveraged by all of our other services, Ediphy Analytics is available via a web browser for you to access a rich set of value-added analytics through a visually stunning interactive user experience. Navigate through data and quickly hone in on what’s relevant while making high touch trades.

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Ediphy Analytics


We consume publicly available MiFID II trading data from a broad range of trading venues and APAs. This information is input into your analytics service and allows us to offer features such as:

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Data normalisation

The Ediphy platform is capable of ingesting and processing high volumes of data in multiple formats, normalising inputs in real-time.

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Combine real-time analytics with historical data to help drive your trading decisions.

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Ediphy Analytics are delivered via a set of intuitive charts and graphs which can be used to slice and dice the data to uncover actionable insights.

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Private data

Third-party data sets can be combined with your own data to give cross-filtered context-specific views.

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Big-data analytics

Simple aggregation to ML-driven analytics. Our platform enables sophisticated processing on large data sets.

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Your consolidated tape provider

We have already built the connectivity and data management requirements to operate as a Consolidated Tape Provider - which is why we’re also prominent in the running to become an official CTP following the EU Commission's proposed changes to the regulation which now makes this a viable and prioritised industry facility.

Clearing the path for a low-cost, utility-based CT

Learn about our initiative which will be ready to launch when the Commission's proposals are implemented.

The Ediphy Grid

Powered by the Ediphy Grid, all of our services are cloud native and web-browser delivered, eliminating your infrastructure costs and simplifying onboarding.

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