Advanced Transaction Cost Analysis

Leveraging Ediphy’s Connectivity+ (part of our Low Touch Execution service), we draw transaction transparency data from the whole market to base FairMark on a comprehensive sweep of real trades - irrespective of where they are executed. We then use multivariate regression to construct a comparison surface which copes with sparse data - a perennial issue for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA).

Key features of TCA

Fully interactive graphical and tabular views (in addition to API access)
Zoom in and out of data levels and time periods
Based off actual transactions captured across the market
Ediphy FairMid constructed using multivariate regression and copes with sparse data
TCA classification/scores are dynamic,  based on distribution across the data
All data and related services are shown in real-time
Mark-in, mark-out, and implementation shortfall
Compliance workflows
Fully integrated with Ediphy execution tools for pre-trade use, as well as post-trade

The Ediphy Grid

Powered by the Ediphy Grid, all of our services are cloud native and web-browser delivered, eliminating your infrastructure costs and simplifying onboarding.

How it works

Plug in to Ediphy and upgrade the way you conduct transaction cost analysis.