Low Touch Execution

Tap into the opportunity

Fixed income execution is a complicated and fragmented world. There are countless opportunities, but not being able to access or navigate all those opportunities can really hurt your business.

Ediphy’s mission is to increase your ability to access all liquidity options, while simplifying and streamlining the complexity, so you can focus all your energy on what matters most to you and your firm.

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Connect to Advanced Technology

& regulated trading capability

Fixed Income liquidity is accessed through an ever increasing set of markets and protocols: Dealer chat, RFQ venues, Central Limit Order Books, Periodic Auctions and All-to-All venues

Leveraging Ediphy’s blend of advanced technology and regulated trading capability, our clients have a straight line to the competitive advantage of being instantly connected and onboarded to this world, through Ediphy Connectivity+, the foundation of Low Touch Execution (LTE).

How Ediphy Handles LTE

Building on this comprehensive connectivity, we constantly scan the entire market and apply advanced machine learning and analytics to guide our low touch automated execution strategies, taking extraordinary care of your orders. We execute where it makes sense and when it makes sense, subject to your instructions, to achieve optimal outcomes - often enabling you to get paid the bid/offer.

Ediphy’s LTE doesn’t have to be a fully outsourced model. Rather, the service can be used as part of your execution armoury for orders where you think it makes sense. Combine LTE with Ediphy’s Execution Management as a Service (EMaS) which adds advanced tools for high touch execution, to allow you to achieve an innovative hybrid execution capability.

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The Ediphy Grid

Powered by the Ediphy Grid, you can be assured your Low Touch Execution is 100% real-time, 100% synchronized and 100% transparent - all the time.

All our services are cloud native and web-browser delivered, eliminating your infrastructure costs and simplifying onboarding.

How it works

Utilise advanced analytics and machine learning to guide your low touch execution strategies.