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Digitising Capital Markets

Analytics. Trading. Front To Back. Done.

Joined-up, digitally native services for capital markets, delivered on a holistic, integrated technology grid with unbreakable data integrity and lineage. Free your business from the complex web of disparate systems, and eliminate the high-maintenance integration and reconciliation that is inherent to your existing solution.

Our Mission

Simplify. Quantify.


How does it work?

Picture the capital markets business space as two separate dimensions. The first being pre-trade, trade and post trade, and the other as analytics, workflows and connectivity.

We bring a combination of deep data analytics, advanced technology and an FCA regulated trading capability to the market, making it easy to apply digitally native solutions in every segment of that business space.

We blend data, workflow and operational processes together to provide a single touch service-based experience for specific use cases, rather than leaving you to glue the pieces together yourself.

We ‘do’ connectivity to FI markets and protocols. We ‘do’ TCA. We ‘do’ real axe monitoring, and we ‘do’ execution strategy and smart order routing. Our service is providing you with a seamless execution management solution that surfaces all of these assets through a simplified context-sensitive experience.

How it works
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The best trading outcomes

We apply smart order routing and a range of execution strategies to manage your orders for optimal trading outcomes.

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No set up required

No internal integration required to access Ediphy and our services, sign up and start benefiting instantly.

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Integrated compliance

We provide real time transaction cost analysis and audit trails to ensure you remain compliant.

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Full market access

Access a real-time picture of available liquidity across all venues and providers.

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Light Up The Market.

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Taking extraordinary care of your orders

Not a venue, not a broker.

Meet Ediphy

Our team has experienced the strangling effects of the very technology which is supposed to better enable businesses. Our promise is to build and maintain a holistic technology platform with zero internal integrations across all of our services.

Onboard Ediphy and you onboard real digital transformation.

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