Leslie Woolaston
Jun 14, 2023
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Ediphy Launches Transformative Liquidity Checker for Bonds

Ediphy Launches Transformative Liquidity Checker for Bonds

Ediphy, the fixed income technology provider founded by Chris Murphy, former global head of FICC at UBS, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Liquidity Checker. The tool allows fixed income market participants to optimise their bond trading through the automated monitoring of bond liquidity. Users receive real-time liquidity notifications facilitating optimal trading in markets notorious for their shifting liquidity patterns.

"With our Liquidity Checker, Ediphy is enabling the next-generation of fixed income execution by providing traders and PMs with the tools they need to improve execution success," said Chris Murphy, Ediphy CEO. "By leveraging our graph technology, robust data analytics and deep market experience market participants rely on Ediphy to notify them when market conditions are optimal thereby allowing them to streamline their trading process.  This not only saves time and effort but also maximises execution success while mitigating the risks of being stuck on an illiquid trade."

Ediphy's Liquidity Checker addresses the challenges posed by a highly fragmented and temporal corporate bond market with a data-driven solution. Traders add their bond interests to a personalised watchlist. The Liquidity Checker, employing sophisticated algorithms, continuously scans the market and promptly notifies users when their chosen bonds become available to trade based on favourable liquidity conditions.

In situations where a bond lacks sufficient liquidity, users can broaden the search for alternative trading options.  The tool offers a smart search function that suggests similar bonds based on reference and market data. This feature empowers traders to expand their scope beyond an individual ISIN to capitalise on better liquidity in similar bonds, ultimately increasing the probability of meeting investment objectives.

Ediphy is a leading provider of next-generation web-based technology solutions for capital markets, specialising in innovative tools for fixed income. Ediphy's Liquidity Checker is one of a range of products that leverages artificial intelligence to provide actionable insights for fixed income execution.

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