Not a venue, not a broker.

Meet Ediphy

Passionate in our mission to simplify capital markets.


Like any good team, Ediphy’s leaders come from varying backgrounds within Capital Markets. Their unifying drive comes from all having seen in their pasts, the strangling effect of the very technology which is supposed to enable businesses, and a shared passion for transformative change to break that impediment.

Our Ethos

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We like to think of culture in terms of the medieval Latin root - cultura, meaning to grow or cultivate. Our culture is vibrant and will become stronger as we nurture it. Equally important is that our people and our clients grow and develop along the way.

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Our mindset is one of infinite learners. We are curious about the world around us and want to share knowledge with those who wish to partner with us.

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Truth & Transparency

Ediphy is open. We constantly seek honest feedback and don’t shy away from difficult conversations. Truth always finds a way of shining through - the quicker you can get to it the better.

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We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships, whether that be with our colleagues or our clients. As we create value for our clients we expect to be compensated commensurately.

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Having Fun

Life is too short to do something which doesn’t bring you pleasure. We love what we do and this passion is what continues to motivate us.

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Our definition of success is creating and delivering products and services which delight our clients. If we align ourselves with the goals of our clients then we win when they win.

Onboard Ediphy and you onboard real digital transformation.