Leslie Woolaston
Sep 25, 2020
-min read

Ready to click up a gear?

Ready to click up a gear?
Picture the scene...

As a seasoned track rider I am sitting on a 1999 R1, engine warming, waiting for the green light with rain beating against both visor and screen.

With 15 other riders on similar machinery my experience and bravery will be tested to the limits. Up to pace, the bike's lack of technology becomes apparent when negotiating such challenging conditions with every bend a potential hazard.

At the back of the pack, the newcomer on his S1000 RR with its ABS traction control etc, (none of which I have!), starts passing the other riders on their older machines.

This got me thinking......the same can be said with how we trade Fixed Income where execution is fraught with the same chicanes and hairpins as the wet track. Each trade being a potentially perilous decision based on dated hardware and experience. Ediphy has developed an offering which like the rider aids, enhances, stabilizes and rewards those willing to embrace technology.

If you are ready to take a leap of faith and let Ediphy be your eyes and ears to the market, please contact the Ediphy Team.