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Whether you trade government bonds, credit or IRS – Ediphy is ready for your orders. Our team’s extensive market experience has culminated in a superior service, with pre- and post-trade analytics, fully managed front-to-back.

Cut costs today by streamlining your trading flow, while maintaining a high touch capability where needed. Stay on top of regulatory, market-structure and technological changes as Ediphy evolves with you and the markets.

Onboard today to future-proof your business.

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Fixed Income trading is evolving faster than ever.

Liquidity sources are costly to set up and maintain. Trade and axe data are increasing transparency but demanding to ingest and analyse in real-time. Your EMS and OMS may struggle to navigate this complexity.

How do you ensure best execution under these conditions?

Ediphy evolves with it and keeps you on top.

Access all relevant liquidity without having to onboard and contract the individual dealers, platforms or venues. Leverage all market and liquidity data in real-time. Dynamic order execution monitored by the FCA-authorised Ediphy trading desk. Accessed in web browser or by API.

Better trading outcomes.
Every time.

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FairMark TCA

Advanced Transaction Cost Analysis

Ediphy draws transaction transparency data from the whole market to base FairMark on a comprehensive sweep of real trades - irrespective of where they are executed. We then use multivariate regression to construct a comparison surface which copes with sparse data - a perennial issue for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA). Everything you execute with Ediphy will be available to benchmark against FairMark so you can prove better execution.

Ediphy is built differently.
From scratch.

A single, real-time dependency grid, built from scratch using modern technology frameworks.

Cloud-only, web-accessed, complexity-free.

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