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Technology and trading combined

Simplifying capital markets

There is no question that technology can boost the scale and efficiency of businesses. Often, though, point technology solutions come with a burden of deployment, configuration, integration and reconciliation and remain disjoint from business workflow. By combining an advanced technology platform with an FCA regulated trading capability, we deliver browser-based, cloud native services which blend naturally with your workflow - rather than feeling like add-on tools.

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Our single dependency grid approach

The Ediphy Grid

Existing capital markets software suffers from a lack of integration between the various systems and services that are on offer. This requires businesses to develop their own internal integration and reconciliation between solutions when operating in the market. This is an expensive and time consuming exercise that requires continual development work and operational resources. We understand the frustrations and inefficiencies this creates, so Ediphy takes a radically different approach.

Every service, feature and tool that we create is integrated within a unified platform, which we call the Ediphy Grid.
When you adopt Ediphy, you access this grid and all of the integrated capabilities that it’s connected to.
All services update in real-time and in tandem with each other, ensuring consistency throughout.
There is never a break in our solution. Every node of information operates in parallel to each other, meaning that no matter what action you take, you can have full confidence over the outcome.
We have full responsibility for updating our platform, and by utilising a single system you’ll no longer have to manage multiple platforms that do not communicate with each other.
By using Ediphy you gain access to the full functionality of our platform, whether that’s for analysis, making trades, regulatory reporting or post-trade activities; everything is available to you as and when you need it.

How the Ediphy Grid works

What’s on the grid?

Everything that Ediphy develops and will develop in the future is on the grid.

The services we provide to our clients are fueled by many underlying components which are integrated and synchronised on the grid:

Pre-trade connectivity
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Trade connectivity
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Post-trade connectivity
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Smart order routing
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Execution strategy planner (including FairEx)
Treating Clients Fairly (TCF)
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Post-trade allocations and workflows
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Regulatory reporting
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Valuation analytics (including FairMid)
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Evaluated pricing
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Liquidity scoring (including FairAxe)
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Data consolidation & visualisation
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