Execution Management as a Service

We understand that while the automation of Ediphy’s Low Touch Execution (LTE) trading brings efficiency and ability to scale, there is sometimes no substitute for the experience and relationships of high touch. Ediphy’s Execution Management as a Service (EMaS) enables execution desks to achieve the optimum blend of low and high touch approach - super-charging both.

Low touch execution

For low-touch, we constantly scan the entire market and apply advanced machine learning and analytics to guide our low touch automated execution strategies, taking extraordinary care of your orders. We execute where it makes sense and when it makes sense, subject to your instructions, to achieve optimal outcomes - often enabling you to get paid the bid/offer.

High touch execution

If you pivot to high touch, you’ll have access to a real-time, highly curated dashboard of critical information, including axe levels, market levels, fair value, comparable securities, prior trading activity, TCA and more - all laser focussed on the specific order at hand.

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Measure the benefit of your trades

Whether you execute through high or low touch, you’ll be able to measure the true benefit through Ediphy’s FairMark advanced TCA. Based on actual transactions across the whole market, FairMark uses multivariate regression to create a highly attuned FairMid, against which to dynamically categorise and score your execution results.

The Ediphy Grid

Powered by the Ediphy Grid, you can be assured your Execution Management is 100% real-time, 100% synchronized and 100% transparent - all the time.

All our services are cloud native and web-browser delivered, eliminating your infrastructure costs and simplifying onboarding.

How it works

Remove the complexity of managing fixed income execution with EMaS.