Chris Murphy
Sep 27, 2023
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Unveiling Ediphy Context: A Revolutionary Fixed Income Workflow Solution

Unveiling Ediphy Context: A Revolutionary Fixed Income Workflow Solution

Ediphy, a leading provider of fixed income execution, analytics and data management services, has unveiled Ediphy Context, a revolutionary all-in-one workflow tool designed to transform how fixed income professionals manage price discovery, market surveillance, and trading workflows.

In response to the fixed income industry's persistent challenges of data overload and disparate workflow environments, Ediphy Context emerges as a powerful solution. It addresses critical challenges that hinder productivity and effective decision-making such as price opacity, liquidity fragmentation and poorly integrated internal data. 

Ediphy Context captures client’s internal data including orders, axes and RFQ history - and combines it with liquidity data from a wide range of market gateways. Additional analytics and workflow plug-ins provide for one-click insights and productivity enhancements. The result is better information, better decisions and better execution - all via a next-generation user experience in the client’s web-browser.  

Getting started with Context is exceptionally easy as it works with any API, protocol or format wherever the data resides. Whether it’s just a single user's order blotter - or several sources across an enterprise - Context delivers valuable insights and workflow quickly with minimal integration.

Ediphy Context provides a uniquely versatile fixed income workflow platform for traders, portfolio managers, quant analysts, compliance and senior management to navigate the wealth of data and work items across their organisation. Advanced data management and value-add analytics is enabled by Ediphy Virtual Data Manager (VDM).

Data privacy and security are assured, as Ediphy Context protects client data through IAM-based permissioning, SSO integration, and versatile cloud management. 

Chris Murphy, CEO and founder of Ediphy, stated, "Our mission is to help clients optimise their workflows and leverage valuable internal data in order to make better informed decisions. Fixed income technology is critically affected by disparate workflows and fragile data integrations. With Context, clients get unprecedented insights and simplified workflows for their core activities. Support for plug-ins of further data, analytics and workflows enable Ediphy Context to evolve into a rich ecosystem at the centre of the daily work of any fixed income professional."

Ediphy Context represents a significant leap forward in fixed income workflow technology, offering a comprehensive solution to address the challenges facing market participants. To learn more about Ediphy Context, contact the team via

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Ediphy is a pioneer in fixed income data management, analytics and execution. With a commitment to more efficient workflows and market structures via next-generation innovation, Ediphy empowers financial institutions to future-proof their operations.

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